Remove FastCompress-Zip from PC (Remove Fast_Support.exe Ads

FastCompress-Zip is a potentially unwanted program because it has association with cyberc-crimainls. Though it offers features like compressing files and extracting file archive but this is just a trick to misguide the user to think that it is a genuine application. Actually, its intention is to bring traffic over sponsored websites by constantly bombarding ads and notifications. It installs a file named as Fast_Support.exe which is responsible for generating sponsored ads on the computer desktop. So, FastCompress-Zip is a free file compression and archive program but it will disturb the other activities on your work-station due to regular bombarding of ads. How FastCompress-Zip Does Gets Installed? The installation of FastCompress-Zip is very secretly. It comes bundled with freeware and shareware program that doesn’t reveal that it is containing any kind of additional malware attachments with it. It can only be detected if you choose advance/custom installation process. It is always Read more