How to Remove Exploit.Poweliks.Gen.4 from PC

Exploit.Poweliks.Gen.4 is a hidden Trojan infection that you may not notice visually in the Control Panel or Windows Task Manager process. However, it is the prime infection responsible for BSOD errors, bogus security alerts, hardware and programs malfunctioning, and even browser related issues. Its payloads and files have generally .dll and .exe extensions names hence it easily gets settled down in a deep location. It immediately starts corrupting the important files such as MS Office files, HTML docs or normal day-to-day usage data that are saved in the System drives. For example, if you try to access a txt or .doc file then it may show error message that the file is corrupted. Though Exploit.Poweliks.Gen.4 is spreading in an camouflage and by the time you realize it infection, it would generally get late. It is strongly advised to keep your PC intact with a powerful anti-malware tool so that such Read more