[Solution] How to delete Evernote virus from PCs

Know all about Evernote virus Evernote virus or Evernote Web virus is a computer infection that gets inside a device by pretending itself to be a genuine Evernote app which has over 1.5 million download on Google Play. If use correctly, the service can help you to take notes and organize to-do-tasks.  Cyber crooks use the name of the legitimate Evernote app to trick users into downloading/installing it. The innocent users think that they are using a browser extension, while in reality, malicious malware is being installed. Cyber Security has detected a code name CVE-2019-12592 under the Evernote extension for Chrome which allows the developers to steal data including cookies, login credentials, and other private information. Threat Summary Name: Evernote virus Type: Malware Risks: Sensitive data loss, financial loss and other malicious malware infections Remove: To remove Evernote virus, scan you device with reputable security software Evernote virus –intrusion way Read more