How to remove Euclid Ransomware –removal guide with data retrieval instructions

Complete information about Euclid Ransomware Euclid is developed by Michael Gillespie. It comes under ransomware family computer virus. It is designed and delivered for the only motive to trick users into paying ransom fee by supposedly providing them a decryptor by making all their files encrypted and unusable. This ransomware locks the stored files including audios, videos, images, documents, presentations, databases, backups and banking credentials by using RSA-2048 and Salsa20 algorithms. This means, a number of decryption keys are generated for each victim without that key the restoration of the data will be impossible. The encrypted files will a unique extension .Euclid to their name. Soon after that, they are inaccessible. A ransom note then appears on the desktop and is dropped on each folder containing the encrypted files under the filename “recovery.txt”. It states that the developers are ready to provide the decrytor but for this the victims have Read more