How to remove .ETH file extension

Delete .ETH file extension from the system .ETH file extension on your images, audios, videos, documents etc files indicates that your system has been infected by some ransomware virus. The ransomware are type of virus that encrypts the data by using some cryptographic algorithms and make them inaccessible unless the ransom demands have met. This article helps you to remove .ETH file extension from your files as well as ransomware from the system. Method of infiltration The main distribution mean use with .ETH file extension ransomware is spam e-mail campaigns. These emails are cleverly designed and usually contain some links for malicious attachment files. The recipients cannot easily detect such an email; in once look these emails seem legitimate, generally use the name of big companies such as Amazon, PayPal etc to influence the users in clicking those links and download the attachment files. Once the users execute on the Read more