New scam in the Wilde: How to remove Error # DT00X02?

What is Error # DT00X02? “Error # DT00X02” is fake error message displayed by various deceptive website that users visit unknowingly- they are redirected either by some potentially unwanted application or malicious advertisements delivered by other malicious websites. The error states that the computer has been infected with some malicious malware due to which the victims’ privacy is at risk. According to it, in order to remove the malware, contact Microsoft “Certified technicians” via telephone number (“+1-888-617-1555”). On the call, the victims are asked to pay for the services. Since it is just scam, you should not contact. Probably your computer has no these issues that Error # DT00X02 shows to you. Through this, the Cyber Criminals only motive to extort money from the innocent users. Thus, do ignore “Error # DT00X02” message and never call on the above mentioned phone number.  In order to remove this error, you would Read more