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Is your web search results automatically get redirected to, when open is your web browser suddenly interrupt in middle process? Are you getting unstoppable ads, pop-up? Is your web browser suddenly stuck in middle session? If yes, then it is sure that your web browser is contaminated with threat. It cause such annoying problem like browser redirection, pop-up appearance. Thus, suggested to follow below article and remove browser hijacker virus instantly from PC. What is Name of Threat: Category: Bowser Hijacker Virus File Spread: 0-25 in count File Spread: .EXE (malicious file) is recognized one of annoying redirect virus that imitates real search provider and quick and relevant search. Its appearance and interface very real to genuine search engine as like Yahoo, Google, Bing. If you pay attention, this threat brings annoying virus or malware into system. It is designed by remote criminals to assault Read more