How to remove Engineering Group Inc Product Virus

Easy steps to delete Engineering Group Inc Product Virus “Engineering Group Inc Product Virus” is an adware family threat. It gets inside the PC through free third party programs like download managers, video recording app, PDF creators, game simulators, cheat code hackers, screen saver and similar other. Some other vulnerable sources are porn sites, torrent sites, spam email attachments and shareware programs. Being an adware virus, it main aim is to advertise its developers’ websites/contents on the browser search page through redirection. However, it also manages to connect the PC setting to command and control server. The server is controlled by hackers who can upload other malicious threat inside the PC. They even collect the browsing related data such as IP addresses, search queries, viewed pages URLs and even stored personal details. If you have any concerned with your privacy and identity theft and the huge system security, you should Read more