Remove DuckDuckGo: Working Solutions

Details about DuckDuckGo and removal procedures The very first thing we would like to clear to our readers first is, DuckDuckGo is technically not a virus and a very reputable search engine. And giving any wrong impression to this website is completely not what it deserves. This online search engine applet has almost 15.5 million visitors per month which really means the website is obviously helpful. Taking the popularity in mind, even you might come across to access DuckDuckGo while intending to meet some specific prospects. Yes, this search engine is a very renowned software and is a great choice for those users who want a search engine which doesn’t spy over your online activities. You might have heard about many deceptive search engines marked as browser hijackers because they use to collect various browsing details about user’s online sessions and the system itself, but the DuckDuckGo is nothing like Read more