Steps to remove Drume Ransomware (easy files decryption instruction included)

What is Drume? Drume is a new variant of Divu ransomware which encrypts the crucial stored files on the compromised PC and makes them inaccessible until the ransom payment is done. It has come into existence by this Month 2019. The only changes that seem by comparing its previous variants are that it uses “.drume” file extension by encrypting the files and delivers _open_txt” file with information about the ransom payment of $980 in Bitcoin.  Same as that of the previous variants, the ransom note of Drume Ransomware states that the victims will be provided a huge 50% discount if the payment is done in less than 72 hours. The ransom note states that only the developers can make the victims able to decrypt the files. Unfortunately, this is true. Typically, ransomware viruses encrypt the files by using some cryptographic algorithm. One way or another, any cryptographic algorithm (whether symmetric Read more