How to remove Downloader.Keapot

Delete Downloader.Keapot from the system Downloader.Keapot is a huge risk computer infection. It belongs to Trojan family virus that sneaks without users’ approval and tries to take over the computer with no time. Initially, it makes entry into the boot sections and modifies the registry settings that allows it to activate with each OS reboot without users’ consent. Thus, it activates once the PC is started and conduct various malicious activities on the background but before that it blocks the security measures and the installed antivirus program to avoid its intrusions. While running on the system background, it consumes the most CPU resources. It leads the 90% and above CPU usage all the time, which means the CPU has to process all the time even under high temperature. This activity would shorten the CPU life period. What’s more, it creates multiple copies of itself and spread them into the available Read more