Remove .dotmap ransomware: easy step by step uninstall guide

Learn the ways to recover .dotmap ransomware encrypted files .dotmap ransomware is a type of ransomware virus whose main motive is to encrypt the stored files so that the users can no longer use them. The encrypted files original codes are changed by threat by using some sophisticated cryptographic algorithm, this means the retrieval of the files or to make the files in its original accessible condition, the users would have to use the unique decryption tool. Generally, developers hide the decryptor under some remote server on which only they can access. They blackmail the users to pay ransom fee as a ransom to get the decryptor and hence the encrypted files back to their system. If your computer has been infected by this ransomware, we recommend you reading this article carefully. .dotmap ransomware– method of infiltration .dotmap ransomware is possibly to be added on victims’ computer by downloading of Read more