How to remove Desktop_media_service.exe (Prevention Tips)

How to uninstall Desktop_media_service.exe (Complete Steps) If you are using regular Desktop_media_service.exe on your computer, then be careful. It is very viscous Trojan virus that has the ability to corrupt all files of your computer and drops an error messages on your computer. It opens the backdoor of your computer and allows the hacker to access your computer in its own ways. In this article, you will read the complete instruction about this harmful virus. you can follow the removal steps given below to remove this dubious malware from your computer permanently. What is Desktop_media_service.exe? It is bogus executable program that is comes under Cyber treats. It can easily be seen in task manager of your computer as running process. It is hard to delete it from your computer by most of the antivirus software. It disables your some legitimate application running in your computer like control panel, System registry Read more