Remove .DDOS files virus (Dharma Ransomware): Effective Removal Measures

Learn To Remove .DDOS files virus (Dharma Ransomware) & Restore Files In Easy If you are a technical user then you might be aware of the name Dharma ransomware as a dangerous cryptovirus. This infection is now active again in a new variant called .DDOS files virus (Dharma Ransomware), as discovered and reported by security experts. The current new version of this ransomware use to encrypt files and the appended file extension changes to .DDOS that makes the data inaccessible to users in the same time. The malware may even add some unique identification number like its previous versions used to do. But in all those cases, the malware if manage to infect a computer, will lock down all stored files and drop a ransom note on screen to enforce users recover their files by buying decryption tools from hackers. Summarized details about .DDOS files virus (Dharma Ransomware) Name: .DDOS Read more