How to remove Dcom Ransomware and recover the encrypted files

Step by step instruction to delete Dcom Ransomware Dcom Ransomware belongs to GlobeImposter family virus. It was first discovered by malware researcher Petrovic. This ransomware encrypts files stored on its affected users’ PC making them inaccessible and then demands ransom payment to supposedly recover the files back. Files encrypted by this ransomware get .dcom extension. Ransom note instructions are displayed on a file name how_to_back_files.txt appears on victims’ desktop soon after the files encryption process is completed. The short message on the ransom note states that the victims should require purchasing a unique decryption tool from the ransomware developers to get the files back. The price of the decryption tool is not fixed. It depends upon the size of encrypted files. The ransom note contains email address and unique ID number. According to the note, the interested victims who want the decryption tool should write email to provided email address. Read more