Remove DAPP\DAPP.EXE (Uninstall Virus)

How to uninstall DAPP\DAPP.EXE (Complete Steps) If you are using regular DAPP\DAPP.EXE on your machine, then be careful. It is very dangerous Trojan horse virus that is considered as cryptocurrencies miner. It uses your System utility illegally to mine your digital currencies like Bitcoin, Monero, Dashcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This executable program can do malicious unnecessary changes in default setting in your computer. It is important to delete it from your computer quickly. This article will help you to remove this malware program from your computer. What is DAPP\DAPP.EXE? It is a bogus excitable (exe) file that is located in C:\porgram of your computer. It can easily be seen in task manager of your System as running process that affects rest of the legitimate program of your computer. It is belongs to Trojan horse virus family. It is able to corrupt all types of files including documents, database, ppt, xlx, Read more