Easy steps to remove CVE-2019-1663 Email Scam

Know about CVE-2019-1663 Email Scam “CVE-2019-1663” is a spam email of sextortion type in which the recipients are blackmailed by threatening them that their humiliating photos have been captured and are being exposed. In order to prevent it, the recipients are demanded huge money (Cryptocurrency). There are many scams related to this type, you should not believe on them at any cost. What you need to do is just ignore and delete it when you received. CVE-2019-1663 Email Scam message; why it says Scammer behind this scam says the recipients’ computer got infected a month ago. According to him, this Trojan malware allowed him to steal the browsing related data, contacts, phone numbers and so on. It also on the camera and microphone on the device that made him easy to took screenshots of pornography websites that were visited by the recipients and made photos of them watching those websites. Read more