Complete guide to remove CryptorBit

How to delete CryptorBit and recover the locked files CryptorBit is a dangerous ransomware program that affects any version of Windows PC. It enters inside and locks the files including MS Office files, PDF files and picture type files and then shows pop-up notifications which allegedly provide step by step information how to recover the locked files. Typically, for this users are recommended to pay 500 dollar ransom in Bitcoins to the creators. If you one of such victims, you should ignore all such messages showing on the alert “your personal files are encrypted” as they are just used for the only thing to increase the benefits of the hackers. In such a case, what your first step is to check your system with some reputable antivirus tool. This way you can delete CryptorBit ransomware from the system. More about CryptorBit CryptorBit was discovered in 2014. Its new version was Read more