Delete Cryptor2.0 ransomware From PC: Easy Steps

Tips To Remove Cryptor2.0 ransomware Cryptor2.0 ransomware is a recently discovered file-encrypting malware that is another variant of notorious Ryuk Ransomware. Similar to other deadly infections of same category, it also first enters the Windows PCs secretly without users’ approval and then starts carrying out malicious activities in the background. Initially, it performs a deep scanning of all the folders in search of the files that are in its target list and locks them eventually. This hazardous crypto-malware uses AES and RSA ciphers to encrypt your essential files and adds “.RYK” extension with each of them. Cryptor2.0 ransomware is capable of infecting almost all types of files including images, audios, videos, PDFs, documents etc. and making them totally useless. What Is The Motive Of This Threat? Following successful encryption, this deadly crypto-parasite starts blackmailing you for the decryptor tool stating that to get the required software and open the infected Read more