Remove CrazyCrypt ransomware and retrieve the encrypted files

How to delete CrazyCrypt ransomware CrazyCrypt is a ransomware type of virus that sneaks silently into any Windows PC without users’ approval. It appends .CrazyCrypt extension to the encrypted filenames. After that, the files become inaccessible. The threat generates a .txt file named “FILES ENCRYPTED.txt” and drops on Victims’ Window desktop. Short message by the ransom note The “FILES ENCRYPTED.txt” informs the victims about the ransomware attack in their computer. According to the note, the victims must have to contact the developers of the ransomware if they want to retrieve the files. Further information is provided by the developers through an opening pop-up window. It states that the data can be restored only by using a unique decryption keys that the developers only provide. Unfortunately, it is true this time. Typically, ransomware viruses use some cryptographic algorithm to encrypt the files. During the process, they allow their developers to create Read more