Remove From PC: Complete Guideline Brief Description is a malicious web domain that has been categorized by security experts as a browser hijacker program. Once this potentially unwanted application successfully enters your device, first of all, it replaces the default browser’s settings such as home page, search engine and new tab URL with itself and grabs full control over the entire browser. It also installs various suspicious toolbars, extensions, plug-ins etc. on the browser in order to prevent the settings from being restored. These add-ons however work as spyware and record all the keystrokes. This nasty malware gathers important information by the help of which, its authors generate eye-catching advertisement. has been intentionally developed by a team of vicious hackers for promotional and commercial purposes. What Are The Harmful Features of This Application? This notorious PUP bombards your computer screen with a number of bothersome ads throughout the day and interrupts your Read more