How to Remove Containertag.js Virus (Complete Details)

While you are browsing, you may notice suspicious bankers and ads associated with Containertag.js. Sometime you may click on such ads or banners and the webpage immediately get redirected over some third-party commercial websites. There are certain websites which asks you to download or save Containertag.js file. When you click on Cancel option then the same message appears again. This can happen with all the popular browsers such Google Chrome, Firefox Mozilla or IE. Well, if you download this JavaScript file then the browser will basically get hijacked. Containertag.js will provide irritating ads and pop ups which are in the form of ads, deals, coupons, price comparisons, suspicious hyperlinks and so on. How does Containertag.js attacks? Normally, Containertag.js gets installed when you download suspicious program without reading the terms and agreement. Bundling and social-engineering tricks are two of the most popular and effective way for this malware circulation. So, you Read more