How to remove .COLORIT ransomware and retrieve the encrypted files

Short details about .COLORIT ransomware .COLORIT ransomware is a new variant of DCRTR-WDM virus. It encrypts the stored files by using some sophisticated cryptographic encryption algorithm and appending .COLORIT extension to their filename. Soon after that all the encrypted files become inaccessible. A ransom note containing ransom message appear on the Window screen as a pop-up and also been dropped on each folder of encrypted file. It appears in two different file format .hta and .txt with the name “HOW TO DECRYPT FILES.hta” and HOW TO DECRYPT THE FILES.txt. Short message on the ransom note The short message on the ransom note states that the victims should have to pay ransom fee to the developers and buy them a decryption tool, if they want to gain access to the encrypted files once again. However, Cyber security experts advise not to pay the ransom fee in any worst condition. According to Read more