How to delete Cloudnet.exe

Remove Cloudnet.exe from the system  Cloudnet.exe is a type of cryptcurrency miner which aims to mine for various different types of cryptocurrencies on the computers that have been infected by it. It uses the most CPU and GPU resources that cause the system to start misbehaving, becoming sluggish and even getting freeze at times. More about Cloudnet.exe Cloudnet.exe is a cryptocurrency miner type of virus that is partially a Trojan horse. It intrudes without users’ consent and conducts numerous malicious activities on the system background. It messes up with the stored files, executable files, drivers etc. It often stops several features such as registry editor, control panel, Task Manager to access in the system. It blocks the security measures and installed apps to avoid its removal. It causes the installed apps to start misbehaving. It causes system crash, software failure, Windows Starting and shutdown error and many more. What more, Read more