Know About CLAIRAVAUXTECHNOLOGY.COM CLAIRAVAUXTECHNOLOGY.COM is another malicious domain that belongs to browser hijacker category. It’s a silent intruder that doesn’t need users’ approval to get inside their PCs and soon after the infiltration, it starts executing malicious activities in the background. It begins the implementation of unethical practices with first of all replacing the default browser’s settings such as home page, search engine and new tab URL with itself and grabbing full control over the entire browser. It also installs various suspicious toolbars, extensions, plug-ins etc. on the browser in order to prevent the settings from being restored. These add-ons however work as spyware and record all the keystrokes. CLAIRAVAUXTECHNOLOGY.COM collects important information which is later on used by its authors for the advertisement campaign. How Does This PUP Affect Your System It bombards your computer screen with thousands of annoying ads all over the day and makes your web Read more