How to remove .chekyshka files virus and recover the encrypted files

Complete .chekyshka files virus removal instructions Chekyshka or .chekyshka files virus is a ransomware family virus that encrypts files by appending .chekyshka extension, making them inaccessible. Like other ransomware type of viruses, it drops a ransom note after the encryption process is completed to give instructions to the victims how they can allegedly restore their files. Threat Overview Name: .chekyshka files virus Type: Ransomware Short detail: The ransomware encrypts the stored files and demands ransom fee as a ransom to supposedly get the files back Symptoms: The stored files marked with appendix .chekyshka at the end of their filenames and become inaccessible Distribution methods: Spam email campaign Removal: Run full scan to the affected PC with Spyhunter or other reliable antivirus tool .chekyshka files virus drops a file name !!!CHEKYSHKA_DERYPT_README.txt on each folder containing encrypted files. This file is also known as ransom note as it contains a short message Read more