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Process To Eliminate Completely Name of Threat: Type of Infection: Browser Hijacker Malicious Files Spread: 20-25 count Type of Files Dropped: .exe OS Affected: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 Browser Affected: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer is detected one of unsafe domain which is associated with browser hijacker activity. It usually opens in new tab as web pages related to any game website. However, it offers to play free online games. It provides features relatively to any genuine website. It even combines three browser extension into one complete solution for online games to enjoy different games online. If you pay attention, is one of annoying browser hijacker threat which causes annoyances into target web browser. It is programmed by remote criminals in such manner that have ability to assault all web programs – Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Cyber hoodlums programmed Read more