How to remove from chrome and Firefox browsers

Simple and necessary steps to uninstall from system The given below article aim is to provide you complete information about and also recommend some removal solution to delete it from machine. This notorious malware and computer infections belongs to browser hijacker family. It has the ability to hijack your main browser and modifies its default settings. It traces your online habits and steals your sensitive information. So, don’t be panic, read the given below article carefully. Threat summary: Name: Type: Browser hijacker or Redirect virus, Adware, PUP Description: Aims to hijack your main browser and redirect your browser’s search on unknown sites that shows always misleading contents and lots of ads or popup on your browser. Distribution methods: Bundles of free software packages, malicious ads or popup messages and many other tricks. Motives of crooks: Aims to steal your personal information as well as steal your money Read more