How to delete Btix Ransomware from the system

Easy guide to remove Btix Ransomware Btix Ransomware is a ransomware belongs to Dharma and Crysis ransomware. It is firstly discovered by the Cyber security researcher Jakub Kroustek. Experts say that the infection takes 92.5 KB of space and brings an executable payload.exe. The threat encrypts the stored files by using unique encryption algorithms. The encrypted files will receive “.btix” extension. For instance, a file named “sample.jpg” after being encrypted by this ransomware will receive the name “sample.jpg.btix” and will no longer be accessible until you get a unique decryption tool. Cyber Criminals of the threat offer to buy that decryptor from them. They present a ransom note on the desktop in a text file named “FILES ENCRYPTED.txt” to provide the all such information and the instructions. More about Btix Ransomware Like the other Dharma family variants, Btix Ransomware encrypts the files by using SHA-256 algorithm to encrypt the files. Read more