How to remove Borontok ransomware

Delete Borontok ransomware from the system Borontok ransomware is one that encrypts the stored files on the targeted device and makes them inaccessible until the ransom demand is fulfill. The encrypted files will receive “.rontok” extension. For the payment details, it generates a ransom note in some .txt or PDF or other archives file format. The message contains a unique UUID number belongs to particular victim and developers’ address. The message states that the victims should send the provided UUID to some address belongs to developers, if they want the files to restore in their system once again. When users enters their UUID number on the provided address, they are redirected to a page where the developers encourage their victims to pay 20BTC ($75 000) in 3 days otherwise the files will be deleted permanently. These are really huge amount of sum and even though there is no any guarantee Read more