Remove Blocked2 ransomware | How To Uninstall Blocked2 ransomware

Method To Remove Blocked2 ransomware Blocked2 ransomware is detected one ransomware virus, which is associated with Xorist ransomware family. It is one of annoying ransomware virus which used to infect all version of Windows system globally. This type of ransomware virus used deceptive technique to make it install in system and start its malicious and annoying activity. Once, it gain access inside system scan overall system and encrypts all the files like video, audio, PDF, .DOC and usually different others. Blocked2 ransomware after completing the process of encryption, used to add its own extension ‘.Blocked2’ extension by removing its own file format. It only cause annoyances on target system. It is really one of annoying virus which affects the system badly. Thus, suggested to follow best removal method and remove Blocked2 ransomware completely. Blocked2 ransomware after encryption, used to create one text file called as HELP_TEXT or HELP.html. Whenever, users Read more