How to remove Blitzkriegpc ransomware (files retrieval instructions included)

Easy guide to delete Blitzkriegpc ransomware Blitzkriegpc or .bkc file virus is a file-encrypting virus. It encrypts files by using some sophisticated cryptographic enc encryption algorithm and appending .bkc extension to them, which makes them inaccessible. Like other viruses of this type, Blitzkriegpc ransomware creates a ransom note to supposedly instruct the victims how to recover the encrypted files. How did the infection occur? It is not known yet what the exact method that the Cybercriminals use to spread this threat. According to rule, a payload dropper which initiates the malicious scripts for this ransomware is designed and delivered on the Internet. This payload file might be shared on social media and file sharing services. Freeware that hide such a malicious for the cryptovirus can be presented on web. Due to lack of knowledge and casual approach, the users visit such a site/link which allows the payload to activate and Read more