How to remove BlackPink Ransomware

Delete BlackPink Ransomware from the system BlackPink Ransomware is discovered by Michael Gillespie. It is a ransomware virus that developers design for the sole motive to blackmail their victims by encrypting data stored on their computers and then demand ransom fee. Upon infiltration, the threat makes the files inaccessible by using AES-256 cryptography algorithm (and allows the developers to create a unique decryption keys). It appends the encrypted files with a unique extension name “.BlackPInk” to give their name. For example, a file “1.jpg” after being encrypted gets renamed by “1.kpg.BlackPink”. Immediately after that, the files including images, audios, videos, documents, presentations, and databases become inaccessible. Following to completing the process of encryption, BlackPink Ransomware generates a ransom note in a text file named “how_to_recover_files.txt”. The ransom note states that the victims’ computers are affected by BlackPink Ransomware which encrypts the stored files. It also instructs the victims to contact Read more