How to Remove

My PC got hijacked with two days back. Since then, the Online browsing experience has messed up. I see so many related ads, pop-ups and commercial hyperlinks on regular basis. The major settings such as default homepage and new-tab URL have been altered and I am unable to correct it. Please help. About is a webpage redirect virus that manipulates and forces the victims to visit third-party commercial websites that it sponsors. It support pay-per-click commercials and affiliate marketing and thus it generates a lot of money for its developer. It can get inside any popular browser though spam email attachments, sponsored links, bundlers, installers, peer-to-peer file sharing network and so on. It simultaneously downloads questionable plug-ins and add-ons that spy on users activities. Based on the victims browsing habits and Online shopping pattern, it generates customized ads which lands on commercial webpage sponsored by it. Read more