Know How To Remove AZORult Virus From Infected PC

AZORult Virus: Brief Description AZORult Virus is a Trojan malware that spread over Internet through malicious spam email campaign that impersonate job application. For example, “My name is Vanessa and I am looking for a job”. In our researches, it is found that it used backdoor features in order to other severe malware especially ransomware such as Djvu family, Mosok, Aurora and so on. All these are data encrypting malware that locks the personal files and force the victim to pay heavy amount for decryption key. Additionally, it is also involved in tracking the user’s activities in order to steal valuable sensitive information and share them with cyber-criminals. Quick Glance: Threat Type: Trojan horse Danger Level: High because it ultimately leads to data encryption as well as cheat the personal data Damages: Cheats valuable information such as bank account details, browsing pattern etc. Also exploits and expose vulnerabilities for other Read more