Remove AutoTRON Ransomware (Immediate Uninstall Steps)

Get rid of AutoTRON Ransomware (Complete Information) AutoTRON Ransomware has recently detected by Cyber security experts. According to them, it is very notorious file virus that is able to encrypt all the files of your hard drive and drops ransom notes on your computer screen. It demands $300 to $500 in Bitcoins to decrypt your all files. It is sure that they will never decrypt your files at any situations. In order to pay extortion money to them, it keeps record of your some information such as IP address, URLs search, geographical location, login ID, email ID, age password, browser history, search queries, banking information, credit card & ATM number and more details as well that causes serious problem. It is hard to detect/delete it from your computer by most of the antivirus software. AutoTRON Ransomware is made using AES encryption algorithm techniques by Cyber criminals It is big scam Read more