Remove Aurora Ransomware: Retrieve Encrypted Files

Information about Aurora Ransomware Aurora is a malicious virus which comes under the category of ransomware. It is a quintessential virus which is used by cyber criminal to blackmail users by corrupting their device. This type of ransomware attacks your computer by spam emails. Such email comes with suspicious looking attachments. When you will download the attachments then it will start encrypting your file. Aurora Ransomware is a self replicating virus, which starts from one file and only stops when it will encrypt your whole computer. Once the encryption is complete then it will display the ransom note, and warning not to use any decryption tool. This type of ransomware will generally attacks through spam e-mails, but there are other various reason by which your computer may get affected. Aurora Ransomwarecould attack you through free downloaded software. When you download, free software then there is a possibility that it may Read more