Delete ATAWARE Ransomware from the system

How to remove ATAWARE Ransomware ATAWARE Ransomware is a file-encrypting virus. It is discovered by Securityinbits. It encrypts the stored files on victims’ computer and keeps them unusable unless a ransom is paid. The encrypted files will receive “.ATANUR” extension name, for example a file named 1.jpg after encrypted by this ransomware will get renamed as “1.jpg.ATANUR”. Soon after that these files become inaccessible. This allows the attackers to blackmail the victims to pay ransom fee as a ransom supposedly to get their files. They design a short message in a file format that appears as a pop-up Window on the desktop and on each folder containing encrypted files by the name “Decryptor.exe”. Short message on the ransom note The ransom note states that the victims’ data was encrypted and thus it can’t be accessed anymore. The Cyber Criminals who designed the ransom note demand ransom fee as a ransom Read more