How to remove Armageddon File Virus and recover encrypted files

Complete Armageddon File Virus removal instructions Armageddon File Virus belongs to Hidden Tear family virus. It is a cryptovirus that encrypts stored personal files on the compromised data and makes them inaccessible. Ransom payment as a ransom is then demanded from the victims to get their files in the accessible condition. Read the article throughout to get know how to remove the virus and recover the files without negotiation. Armageddon File Virus –intrusion and impact Armageddon File Virus is being distributed via the most common phishing email campaign. This includes a coordination of spam email messages and malicious sites. The hackers design the emails having stolen images, fake content and text and seek to impersonate from any big companies. File carrier malicious documents or any applications may be presented on the email as an attachment for download. Clicking on the fake content or opening the attachment file lead the malware Read more