Easy steps to remove Apple.com-scan.live pop-up

How to delete Apple.com-scan.live pop-up Apple.com-scan.live is a malicious website. It tricks users into downloading a potentially unwanted application named Cleanup-My Mac.  It appears as a pop-up on the browser screen showing virus alert. It asks to fix the issues as soon as possible. It provides some links clicking on which end up lead into installing of the mentioned potential unwanted app. You should not believe on the issues that Apple.com-scan.live pop-up shows as it is just showing the false result. You should just close it. Its appearance on the browser screen is an indication of the PC to be infected by some other potentially unwanted program. As you know, PUAs promotes some adware and browser hijacker type viruses which redirects search queries, displays ads and pop-ups and gathers the browsing related data. Thus, might be these viruses redirect you to Apple.com-scan.live pop-up. You need to scan your PC with Read more