Easy steps to remove App Explorer

Delete App Explorer from the system App Explorer promoted itself as legitimate application that helps in browse, download and update various apps. However, there are many reports about the app to be intruded by stealth on their PCs and starts delivering intrusive advertisements as well as slows down their PC performances. We cannot say whether it is legitimate or not, but its distribution technique tells everything. App Explorer can be categorized in an adware family threat. This application is distributed by using the deceptive marketing technique called software bundling. How App Explorer intrudes? Users’ complaint that App Explorer application starts initiating updates without taking permission. This indicates that this app belongs to an adware virus that intrudes in their system by stealth. Typically, the invasion occurs when they download some free-software/app without paying much attention on installation steps. Developers hide the malicious app under Custom/Advanced settings of download/installation option of Read more