Delete AgentSvr.exe: Complete Eliminate Process

Tips To Remove AgentSvr.exe AgentSvr.exe is an executable file that has been crafted by Microsoft and is related with Microsoft Agent Server. It’s an essential component for the Windows PCs that provides various special features to the OS. It’s normally located in ‘C:\Windows’ subfolder and is between 250kb to 294kb in size. However, in case if you find this exe file somewhere else other than the location we mentioned little ago, then it must be a virus and you should not take it lightly. Such kind of threats are related with dangerous Trojan viruses which have tendency to intrude the Windows PCs without users’ approval and conduct a series of malicious activities inside. AgentSvr.exe virus disables the working of all the running security measures including anti-virus tools and Windows Firewalls and makes the PC vulnerable for other notorious infections. It allows other Online threats like adware, rootkits, spyware, worms etc. Read more