Steps to remove .888 Files Virus (Dharma)

How to delete .888 Files Virus (Dharma) .888 Files Virus (Dharma) is a new variant of the Dharma ransomware. Like other variants, it encrypts the files including images, audios, videos, presentations, documents, databases, backups, archives etc and makes them inaccessible till the ransom payment is not made. As the name suggest, .888 Files Virus (Dharma) ransomware appends “.888” to the all the encrypted files. After completing the process of encryption, .888 Files Virus (Dharma) generates a ransom note text file “All your files have been encrypted” and puts it on each folder containing the encrypted files and also show it on Window as a pop-up. The ransom note informs the victims about the infection and instructs them to pay ransom fee to the developers to buy a unique decryption tool from them. Should I pay the ransom fee? Developers demand ransom fee in Bitcoin to provide a unique “privacy keys” Read more