Remove .725 file extension virus (Uninstall and Decrypt Data)

About .725 file extension virus .725 file extension virus is actually a file encrypting ransomware which targets the data stored in the PC hard-disk in order to encrypt it completely. It uses an encryption cipher after which the associated files and programs become totally inaccessible.  After encrypting, it demands the victims to pay a heavy ransom in order to get the decryption key. Its intrusion is very secret and it may attack multiple Windows aspects. It inserts malicious process and payloads secretly in the PC. .725 file extension virus manages to gain administrative permissions hence it can easily perform “read and write” activities. The worst part of .725 file extension virus is that it also deletes shadow volume copies hence there is no chance to recover the encrypted files unless you have the decryption key or backup files. The command that it uses to delete the “virtual shadow copy” is Read more