How to remove DecryptIomega ransomware and recover encrypted files

Complete DecryptIomega ransomware removal instructions DecryptIomega ransomware is a newly appeared Cryptovirus. Unlike all other viruses of this family, it targets Network Storage devices named Lonovo lomega models and intrudes with the help of SambaCry ransomware. Once the infection occurs, the ransomare locks all the data inside and send it to some remote server. A ransom note is dropped. This appears in a .txt file YOUR FILES ARE SAFE.txt which is the only thing that victims can view. This file explains what have happen to their file. It states that the files are safe, but need to be retrieved. For doing this, as per the note, users need to pay 0.03 Bitcoin to wallet address 1GMwS2BgKbfHxZBGk4n3uy5GGevS4DtB1M. The message contains the contact details and for this it provides two email addresses [email protected] and  [email protected] on which users should have to send the provided Id number. However, we highly recommend you negotiating Read more