Remove .DECP File Virus and recover encrypted files

Complete .DECP File Virus removal instruction DECP is a malicious malware belongs to Matrix ransomware family. It was detected early back in September 2019. It is designed to encrypt files stored and deny users’ access to them. The Cybercriminals behind this put ransom payment message after the encryption process is completed to confront the fact either pay money or lost the files. Negotiating them is highly NOT recommended. Follow the article and see how you can remove .DECP File Virus and restore the files encrypted. Following to successful infiltration, .DECP File Virus runs in-built sequences of modules to perform malevolent activities inside compromised PCs that cause PC security damages and create a path to perform encryption process. This is done via using a cipher algorithm and appending an extension name to the end of the filenames. The main targeted files are images, audios, videos, documents, presentations, databases, backups and banking Read more