Remove .[[email protected]].kiss Virus and recover encrypted files

Complete .[[email protected]].kiss Virus removal guide .[[email protected]].kiss Virus is a type of ransomware virus that encrypts stored files and demands ransom payment for their alleged recovery. During encryption, it appends the filenames of the encrypted files by .[[email protected]].kiss extension. After that, it creates a text file that instructs users the possibility how they can get their files back. According to the text message on the created file, the files including images, audios, videos, documents, presentations, databases, backups and banking credentials are encrypted and that the victims require to contact the ransomware developers using .[[email protected]] email. It further states, the decryption requires a unique decryption tool that they have to purchase from the threat actors. The price of the decryption tool is not given on it. However, it is typically in between 3-4 digit sums (in USD) which is to be paid in Bitcoin or other form of Cryptocurrency. How to generate Read more