How to remove Deceptive Calendar Events Virus (Mac)

Easy Deceptive Calendar Events Virus removal guide There are many rogue websites available on the wild that pursue the legitimate pop-up showing feature to ask for the permission to show notifications, display deceptive pop-up windows and other intrusive content. Researches show, those Mac mobile users who have recently started notice various events added to their Calendar application would likely have clicked on any such pop-up windows intentionally/unintentionally. Deceptive Calendar Events Virus is the name given to the PUP that causes the redirect to those suspicious pages on users’ browsing session. Such PUPs, of adware-type, focus on pop-up delivery and online traffic redirects so the needed services get views and visits and so get monetized. These pop-up ads are based on pay-per-click scheme and so the main motive of the adware is only to make the users’ interaction. However, their developers often allow third party programmers to promote their programs/products and Read more