Remove [email protected] virus from Windows OS

Steps to delete [email protected] virus and recover encrypted files According to expert point of view, it is defined as a new variant of highly risky ransomware called Phobos. This virus is specifically designed to locks down all your personal files and extort huge amount of ransom money to allegedly recover them. After encrypting, It appends all filenames by using victims unique ID, developers email address and “.daves” extension and makes all your files totally unusable. After its successful encryption, it display a popup Window and text file “info.txt” on your computer screen to inform you about encryption and demand ransom money. Complete information about [email protected] virus As usual, [email protected] virus send ransom note that contain brief message which states all files are encrypted and can only be access by using private decryption key. It also states that all files have been encrypted due to some security problems and if you Read more