US Midterm elections’ voter databases for the sale at affordable price

Millions of Voter Records Up for Sale Ahead of the US Midterm Elections After the US Midterm election ended, the underground marketer appears voter databases or record available for sale at huge prices. There are rich details available of Voter in its databases that can help the hacker learn enough to steal victims’ identity. Carbon Black statement: Millions of voter’s data record up for sale According to Cyber security company Carbon Black, there is once market on dark web lists of voter databases with huge collection of records for sale. Researchers have identified those voter databases of 20 different states available for sale on Dark Web. The hacker steals details including voter IDs, full names, gender, phone number, citizenship, current & previous physical address and other details. This information of voters is enough to crafting scam and it is difficult to detect or protect these crucial data. According to researchers, Read more